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About Us

About Us

About Us

about us

about us

Inspired by their lifelong love of both fashion and Irish dancing

Elevation Design was founded in 2005 by sisters Jacqueline Kennedy Bohill and Una Kennedy Boyd. The company, based in its new state of the art design centre specialises in the manufacturing of exclusive and unique Irish dancing dresses. The Elevation Design Irish dance brand is one which is known worldwide within the Irish dancing community. The Irish dance costume brand is synonymous with quality, style and luxury- blending celtic influences with the contemporary.

Jacqueline Kennedy Bohill

Born and raised in Belfast, Jacqueline began dancing at the age of 5 and continued dancing until she became a TCRG at the age of 21. From a young age she would design her younger sister’s costumes and knew she would pursue a creative career in the Irish dance business. One of the key moments which had a huge impact on her was discovering the transformative power of making a bespoke from start to finish.

Jacqueline has taught numerous champions who went on to win World, All Ireland, American National, Great Britain, All Scotland, British National, Irish National and Regional championships. In addition, many of her past pupils transitioned to professional dance roles in both Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and Riverdance.

The highlight of her long career in Irish dancing was founding Elevation Design in 2005 with her sister Una, which combined her love of Irish Dancing with her experience in the fashion world. She is one of the most highly regarded and influential visionaries, innovators and creative directors within the Irish Dance community.

Jackie believes that everyone deserves to look and feel like the most beautiful version of themselves, everyday both onstage and offstage through the power of personalised costume design. Her goal for each Elevation Design dress is to make every dancer at every level, from beginner to champion, to feel confident and empowered by what has been created in collaboration with them.

Elevation Design has since gone from strength to strength and Jacqueline is excited to continue to work on creating more fabulous Irish Dance costumes.

Una Kennedy Boyd

Inspired by her lifelong love of both fashion and Irish Dancing, Una is the financial director and business manager at Elevation Design. She has been involved in Irish Dancing from a young age and has fond memories of travelling to various feisanna around Ireland with her family. In her early 20s Una was at the forefront of fashion in Northern Ireland running her own established and successful fashion retail brand for over 15 years.

Having owned and operated multiple stores throughout the province during this period Una brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to Elevation Design.

Through her role at Elevation Design, Una continues to navigate the team in delivering nothing but the very best of quality in dresses and customer service, setting Elevation Design apart as instantly recognisable market leader.

Una continues to be committed to ensuring that Elevation Design remains the luxury brand of Irish Dance dresses for years to come.

About Us
About Us
Exclusive and Unique

highly skilled and innovative team

The highly skilled and innovative team at Elevation Design are passionate about their work and unrivalled in their ability to match an Irish dancer with “the perfect Irish dancing dress”.

Our business philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest level of quality and customer service. Our testimonials bear witness to our quintessential elegant designs and the excellent standards embodied by our team at Elevation Design.

Irish Dancing Dresses

Elevation Design, Irish Dancing Dresses Made Just for You!

Let us take you on a personable journey from start to finish when creating your dream Irish Dancing dress. From the exact moment you pick your favourite style and colours to the instant you see your exclusive new dress for the first time, Elevation Design will make the entire process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

The journey of each Elevation Design Irish dancing dress is like a storybook from start to finish. Particular care is taken with each element in the process of making the Irish Dancing dresses, making each individual’s dream dress beautiful and captivating. Our exceptional team of designers and dressmakers make it their purpose to craft each of Elevation Design’s Irish dancing dresses in an extraordinary and unique way.
We want you to be prominent on stage and we will do everything in our power to make your Irish dancing dress stand out from the rest. We combine exceptional workmanship along with a dancer’s personality to create perfect Irish dancing dresses that will be elegant but will have the perfect balance of boldness.

During the process, a member of our expert technical design team will guide and support you every step of the way, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. We operate from our state of the art design centre in Northern Ireland, creating authentic Irish dancing dresses for dancers all over the world, and we pride ourselves with the quality of customer service our team provides in doing this.

How it Works

Schedule your dress

Reserve your preferred delivery date by completing the online order request form

Pay Deposit

Pay deposit to secure your booking (All deposits are £310 GBP Sterling)

Measurements and Design

Our team will design your dream dress based on your personal preferences and measurements.

Final Payment and Delivery

After final payment, your dress will be carefully packed and dispatched


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